On Atheism by Marc Schooley

Liz lies dying beside a Texas highway, where everything from ants to coyotes can smell her very blood. It’d be great if someone human noticed her before she’s cooked by the sun and eaten by the wildlife. Unfortunately, her only companion is a philosophical Ricardo Montalban mirage. What does it take to survive a hostile world?

If you’re a reader of SciendaQ Spring 2012, On Atheism is a readily recognizable parable, and one that’s timeless. There’s a renewed gravity to the Good Samaritan story within the full weight of our modern setting. We’re all created in God’s image, after all…there are no exceptions.

We ought to treat our fellow man accordingly–just as we would have them treat us–despite differences in belief. Seems like a fine credo to which we can all acquiesce…right?


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