George on Books

Athol Dickson and the Opposite of Art

This is magical realism at its best. One of the hallmarks of this kind of writing is that what is real is only known through the eyes and mind of its characters. What are we to think of an art collector assassin who believes justice is playing Russian roulette with himself before killing his target?

Some of it seems wholly implausible, but then again so is much of what we call reality. Magical Realism works on us when the reader ceases to care if what they are reading could be true. It is true because that is the way the characters see it.

The Opposite of Art has a strong literary flavor and requires–or perhaps blesses the willing participant with–slowing down as you read. But it succeeds in making the reader quit trying to figure everything out (the goal of genre mystery) and to simply join Sheridan Riddler in his convoluted journey of discovery.

A synopsis barely scratches the surface of what The Opposite of Art is about. Come read SciendaQ’s Spring 2012 edition to hear from the author as well.


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