The focus of Scienda Press is on contemporary, literary and speculative fiction, and narrative nonfiction with substance and an enjoyable style.

Scienda Press is third wheel to ScitaScienda.com, a blog of thinky things and derring-do, and Scienda Editorial, a content editing provider to fiction and narrative nonfiction authors.

The name “Scienda” comes from the writing of European 20th-century philosopher Erik von Kuenehlt-Leddihn, who described the body of general, unsorted information as the “scita” and the practice of refining and using knowledge skillfully as “scienda.”

Scienda Press is a semi-pro market for short works using the payscale standards applied by Duotrope’s Digest and the SWFA.

You may contact C.L. Dyck via the contact form on her personal blog.


Managing Editor | C.L. Dyck

C.L. Dyck is an editor of award-winning fiction. As the great-niece of a prolific British author, she has a genetic propensity for the telling of tall tales.

Copyeditor | Linda Yezak

Linda Yezak is the spunky, hilarious author of Give the Lady a Ride and The Cat Lady’s Secret. In addition to assisting with SciendaQ anthologies, she edits for a variety of private clients and is an editorial assistant at Hartline Literary Agency. Find Linda at 777 Peppermint Place.


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