TXD-ebook-webA forgotten Vietnam vet’s strange adventure in Houston. A young woman’s near-death experience on a sunbaked roadside. A bubble-wrapped future overrun by a creeping plague. Visit a supernatural continuum whose hub is the Lone Star State as you’ve never seen it.

Texas Dark features a bonus chapter from Marc’s supernatural thriller novel Nightriders.

Award-winning novelist Marc Schooley wrote his Master’s thesis on one of the world’s toughest questions: the existence and origin of evil. Balancing realism and hope, Marc fluently threads this theme through his storytelling.

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SignificanceOfSnowflakes Dr. Cayley Willows is a chaos mathematician with a disgustingly orderly life–until a gargoyle on a balcony starts talking to him. Either there’s something in the punch at the alumni reception, or Cayley’s about to learn the secrets of the universe.

C.L. Dyck is the great-niece of a prolific British speculative author, which has endowed her with a genetic propensity for the telling of tall tales. She has written for divers special-interest magazines and websites since the turn of the millennium.

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