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You know where to find your regular cup of comfort already. But for those days when you just want to escape, and you’re looking for something new…let us be your guides.

Scienda Quarterly is the armchair adventurer’s anthology, staffed by swashbuckling contributors who are skilled navigators of the seas of information, ideas and entertainment.

No yawn-inducing doldrums. No treacherous betrayals of your quality time. Just excellent articles, insights and reading recommendations, priced to go nicely with your cup of coffee.

SQ is written by a dedicated group of columnists with a high commitment to bringing useful, entertaining information about life and culture from a Christian worldview.

Visit our contributors’ sites: | P.A. Baines
everydays | Ashley Clark
Scita > Scienda | C.L. Dyck | t.e. George
Face to Face | Paul and Laurie Mathers
The Areopagus | Marc Schooley