SciendaQ is available for e-reader and mobile devices.

SciendaQ is a digital anthology. In addition to e-readers, you can read on your computer by downloading Kindle for PC or Nook for PC. You can also purchase in .epub, .mobi or PDF format at Smashwords.

A little FAQ.

What kind of anthology is this?

SciendaQ is literary-leaning in content, with the goal of being accessible and entertaining. We aim for compelling, meaningful and unusual storytelling; a good laugh and a snip of whimsy; insight into less-usual reading; and interviews that feature vital issues of culture and religion–and those individuals who are stepping forth to speak of such things.

How do I submit?

We are currently fully staffed by our invited contributors. We pay a $50 flat rate for original, unpublished content around 2,000 words, and hope to open the doors to general submissions at a future date. But in order to expand, we need the support of readers. So, if you love us, please tell your friends about us.

I like you. What can I do to support this project?

If you are a blogger, we’d love to help you out. Feel free to request a free copy of the antho for review purposes (and please let us know when you post, so we can say thank you!). You can also request to interview our contributors, and we’ll put you in direct contact with the person you’re looking for.