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Volume 3

There is something beyond relativity and perception in two short stories by Schooley and Clark; Paul and Laurie consider Constantine, Christianity and culture; a quiz is to be had from our Mr. Baines, in which you may learn whether you could be a politician; t.e. George reviews a space trilogy in which a religion other than Christianity has triumphed; C.L. Dyck talks with Carl Teichrib about the intersections of politics, economics and religion. Table of contents >>

Volume 2

Death comes knocking from within and without in short stories by Schooley and Clark; Paul and Laurie explore the nexus between Shakespeare, King David and self-doubt; t.e. George reviews a summer reading trilogy of war, faith and ancient history come to life; P.A. Baines explains the national bicycle race that takes place every day in the Netherlands, and reveals the highest point in the low-lying country; C.L. Dyck talks with Mike Duran about Chuck Norris’s skin care, feminism, art and faith, and postmodernism. Table of contents >>

Volume 1

Derrida and Ricardo Montalban present the realities of life in two gritty and magical short stories by Ashley Clark and Marc Schooley; Paul and Laurie explore the chemistry between internal space and conversation in our resident married couple’s ongoing dialogue. t.e. George reviews a novel that reopens the meaning of art and transcendence to a mystical examination; C.L. Dyck meets up with author Meg Moseley to discuss the role of women and children in Christian thought; P.A. Baines presents clear eligibility guidelines for those who feel a calling to wear their underpants outside their trousers. Table of contents >>