Volume 3


The Killing Fields by Marc Schooley

Thomas had grown accustomed to the smell of garbage, but never to the odor of dead bodies that had littered the killing fields of Vietnam. His latest accommodation in a dumpster at the corner of Fourth and Primrose, Houston, Texas, was heavy on cardboard and light on discarded and rotting food. Four star, as dumpsters go.

Flight by Ashley Clark

My name is Zelda Rae, and I live inside a library. It’s not the homelessness I mind so much as the absent memories. You have to understand, the loss of my sight is the worst thing, because I look to the stories, the theories, to make the memories. Or at least to help me recall them. The only thing I remember is the accident, and even the details of that are blurry.

I’m running out of time. I know this. It could be years, or it could be days, or it could be hours, until the slow steady decline bottoms out, and I’m left in the darkness permanently. So you can understand my sense of urgency.


Christ and Culture by Paul and Laurie Mathers

Once upon a time there was a man who was very much like most of us in at least one respect. He was born a sinner and, at some point in his life, put his faith in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Praise God and hallelujah. This story has recurred throughout history thousands, millions, if not billions of times. But the man in my story does differ from you and your entire peer group in some significant ways, because the gentleman I had in mind was Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus, perhaps better known as Constantine the Great…

Are You a Politician? by P.A. Baines

At some point, I mused over becoming a politician. After all, who hasn’t dreamed of world domination? I am sure that everyone, deep down inside, has the urge to subjugate the masses and enjoy life as a global tyrant. Running through my list of skills, however, I realised I met almost none of the requirements necessary to be a politician, and became a computer programmer instead, pacifying my desire for global domination and damsel rescuing through hours of playing Donkey Kong and Pacman.

Our Expert Guide, P.A. Baines, provides a list of the skills required to be a politician. Do you have what it takes?

Review and Interview

George on Books: Kerry Nietz’s DarkTrench Series

T.E. George reviews a sci-fi saga that examines the final outworkings of a dire marriage of religion and politics.

Carl Teichrib on the Intersections of Politics, Economics and Religion

C.L. Dyck talks with researcher and analyst Carl Teichrib about the implications of political Christianity, the nature of political worldviews, and the interaction of church and state.